7 Days Audio Program To Start Your Journey With  Gratitude And Raise Your Positivity

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Why you should join this PROGRAM

Gratitude is the simplest way to make your life positive and joyful. Scientific researches have proven that daily practice of gratitude can enhance your life positively. Though Gratitude is the simplest tool and process to enhance your life, yet a large number of people are struggling to understand and practice it in their life. This 7 Days Gratitude Week Program is here to help you start your Gratitude Journey. 

The Gratitude Week Program is your introduction to gratitude and it will give you the much-needed understanding of “What is gratitude?” and “How to start practicing it in your life?” 

This is a basic program to introduce the Gratitude Practice into your life. Once you join this 7 Days Gratitude Program, you will be walking with The Attitude of Gratitude. 

This GRATITUDE WEEK PROGRAM will help you learn:

What is gratitude? and How to feel grateful?

 How to be grateful on a daily basis?

How to start practicing gratitude in different areas of life?

⇒ How gratitude can help you enhance positivity in all areas of your life?

 How to build your positive mental and emotional state through a gratitude practice?

 How to overcome stress, anxiety, and negativities by being thankful?

The simplest ways to raise your vibration and feel peaceful from within

That’s why I have been practicing gratitude for years in all areas of my life and I have witnessed extraordinary progress and positivity.

Now it’s time for you to Celebrate A Week of Gratitude in this Gratitude Week Program.

Q: Currently, I am doing another program on Awesome AJ Academy, Can I join this Gratitude Week Program?

A: YES! YOU CAN. This is a one week program and you can do it along with any other programs. Only if you are currently doing the 28 Magical Practice Program then you don’t need to join this program.

Q: Is this program same as the 28 Magical Practice Program?

A: NO. This program is NOT same as the 28 Magical Practice Program. Though the main practices of 28 Magical Practice Program are also on Gratitude but the 28 Magical Practice Program is an Advanced Level 32 Days Gratitude Program. This Gratitude Week in a beginner level 7 Days Gratitude Program.

Q: Can I join this Gratitude Week Program even if I have completed the 28 Magical Practice Program?

A: Yes, you can join. It’s always good to refresh your basics and there is always something more to learn. So even if you have completed the 28 Magical Practice Program, you can join this program.

 Q: Can I join the 28 Magical Practice Program after completing this Gratitude Week Program as I am new to Gratitude?

A: Yes, you can and you should join the 28 Magical Practice Program after completing this program. In this program you will learn the basics to kick-start your gratitude practice and in 28 Magical Practice Program you will take it to an advance level.

our program features

awesome aj academy feature

7 Days Audio Program

The program includes 7 days audio lessons with key points and FAQs in text for support.

awesome aj academy feature

100 Days Access

You will have 100 days access from the day of starting the program.

Access from any device

Any Device Access

24x7 Easy access from any device like mobile, tablet, and desktop.

awesome aj academy feature

Email Notification

Automated Email Notification System for the 7 days to help you complete the program.

PLEASE NOTE: Program content is available here on our Awesome AJ Online Academy only and NOT AVAILABLE on Email or WhatsApp or in Any WhatsApp Group.

Frequently Asked Questions

On successful payment, you will get instant access to the program.

The program starts immediately after successful registration. It’s a 7 Days program, however you get 100 days access from the starting of the program.

NO. This is a 100% digital program and all contents are available here on our Online Awesome AJ Academy only. You can activate the Email Notification System to receive emails reminders for the 7 days duration to follow the program dedicatedly.

You have access for 100 Days from the day of starting. Your access will be removed automatically.

NO. There is NO REFUND for this program as you get 100% access to full content. So it CAN NOT be refundable.

An Open Mind and a Desire to manifest your Goals, Desires, and Dreams. Ready to take steps and Implement the recommendations. A Phone or Laptop with Good Internet Connection. Also, it works in your Smart Phone and Tablet. A Notebook/Journal and a Pen. Headphone preferable for better audio clarity and attention.

How To Join This Program

In 4 Simple Steps


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2. Fill Details

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3. Make Payment

Choose the payment gate way and complete payment process.

4. GET Registered

On Successful Payment, you'll be get instant access to the program.

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7 Days Audio Program

Gratitude Tools and Techniques

24x7 Access From All Devices with Internet

100 Days Access From Starting of Program

Limited Seats. only Few Days Left.

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Actual Value

₹ 6000

Early Bird Offer

₹ 1,000

For Participants In India

* Taxes as applicable

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$ 100

Early Bird Offer

$ 29

For Participants Outside India

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